Virtual office Bratislava 1 - Zámocká 3

Office address

Zámocká 3
811 01 Bratislava
Virtual office is in attractive location – Bratislava castle hill. Advantage of the office is jurisdiction under Tax Office and another Government offices in Bratislava district I.

We are providing

  • Establishment of registered office, place of business or contact adress – issuing of property owner consent
  • Labeling of trade names on mailbox
  • Receiving, registration and custody of mail, including email or SMS notifications
  • Answering the calls and recording of the voice messages
  • On-line mail registration system for administration of mail and resending of packages if requested
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Money back guarantee
When you change your registered office to another adress during prepaid time, we will return you whole unspent reimbursement without any questions and fees.
Owneship of property means stability
The best guarantee of longtime stability of our services is exclusive ownership of property where the virtual registred office is provided.
Professional aproach
Our goal is fast, reliable and cost-effective service. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our services. We are grateful to hear from the suggestions and comments of our clients that allow us to keep our services at the highest level.
Perfect overview of received mail
Email and SMS notifications, but especially on-line information system to record received mail will ensure that you will never lose any consignment. The system is also optimized for mobile devices.

Another office addresses

Tallerova 4, 811 02 Bratislava
12 € / monthly
Košická 52/A, 821 08 Bratislava
10 € / monthly
Račianska 88 B, 831 02 Bratislava
7 € / monthly

Price list of services - Zámocká 3

Office services are divided into 3 packages
depending on amount of bonus services.
Consent to establish registred office
Labelling of mailbox
Receiving and custody of mail
Online registration of received mail
Email notifications
SMS notifications -
Resending of mail (in SVK) - 1x monthly 2x monthly
Scanning of mail - 2x monthly unlimited
15 € / monthly 19 € / monthly 25 € / monthly

We are charging additionaly services only if they are not included in your service packages. Prices are without VAT. 39 € activation fee is charged when office order is made for less than 12 months. Personal collection of consignments is possible at Račianska 88 B, 831 02 Bratislava.

Additional services

Scanning of mail 1,50 €
Resending of mail (in SVK) 4 €

Corporate services

Registration of register office in the Companies register 83 €
Registration of multiple changes in the Companies register 123 €
Registration of beneficial owner 39 €

Office even more favourable

In case of incorporation or puchasing of ready-made company you can get virtual office services for even better price.

Incorporating of llc. 235 €
Ready-made companies 395 €

Order of the office - Zámocká 3

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