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Privacy Policy

Following informations are about processing of a personal data pursuant to section 13 and following relevant sections of regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (“the Regulation“) pursuant to §19 of act 18/2018 Z. z. on Protection of personal data (“the Act“)

The object of this text is to inform data subjects about processing and protection of their data which are provided to us as an controlers.


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Data subject

Data subject is each natural person which is providing controller with personal data in accordance to usege of controllers services or with showed insterest to use controllers services. Natural person which is acting in the name of legal person is also considered as an data subject if the natural person is providing its personal data in order to use services of the controller or when showing a insterest to use controllers services.

Personal data

Personal data are any information, which identify the data subject or data that can make the data subject identifiable.

Amount and list of processed personal data is arising from particular contractual or precontractual relationships or are setted by data subject in a given consent.

Controller is collecting personal data straight from the data subject or from the third parties, which are providing controller with data about the data subject. (E. g. Government bodies, legal representative or agent).

Extent of processed personal data

Extent of processed personal data depends on a data subjects request adressed to the controller.

After ordering the service through the controllers webpage, controller is requesting personal data from data subject according to the request in extent of name, surname, phone number and email adress.

Depending on type of provided service, except aforementioned data, controller can also process: adress, nationality, date of birth, identification number, ID card and data stated on it, facial images, place of birth, name and surnames of mothers and fathers and surname of mother before marriage.

Purpose of usage of personal data

Controller is processing and using data subjects personal data for various purposes according to undermentioned legal basis.

  1. Protection of communication between controller and data subject

    • Protection of communication through controllers customer form, which is published on controllers website, used for data subjects request execution and communication with data subject. In this case controller is processing personal data in extent of: name, surname, e-mail adress or phone number. Data subject agrees with the processing of personal data by filling and sending of the customers form.
    • Sending information about controllers working positions to data subjects, which are interested in employement with controller.

  2. Performance of the contract, where a party of the contract is the data subject or when its needed to perform precontractual action due to the data subjects request.

    • Signing of the contract between controller and data subject and for proper performance by both contractual parties.
    • Before signing the contract, for purposes of data subjects request execution, related to provided controllers services, sended by the customers form or e-mail.

  3. Securing of controllers legitimate interests

    • Exaction of demands arising from contract between controller and data subject
    • Cookies usage without profiling of data subject and without identification of connection between data subject and certain IP adress.
      You can find more information about cookies HERE.
    • For marketing purposes, especially for controller service advertaising

  4. Fulfilling statutory duties

    • Collector is processing personal data in compliance with relevant legal acts which are setting out duty to retain personal data or documentation, which contains personal data, especially when its personal data of data subject stated in contract, request or invoice within collectors accounting reports or collectors internal trade database. It can be for example personal data, which collector is obliged to transfer to national authorities or public authorities, which are performing supervision of collectors, subjects resolving disputes or executing decisions.

Period of personal data retention

Collector is retaining and archiving personal data of data subject for period of time agreed in the consent or for period stated in legal acts.

If data subject and collector have signed a contract, processed data are retained for period of contracts validity and usually for 5 years after the termination of contract.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Collector can disclose data person‘s personal data to another trustworthy persons if it‘s necessary for contract performance or data person gave consent to dislosure.

Such persons are for example lawyer's office, notary office, bank, provider of accounting services, creator, operator or administrator of collectors website and IT services provider. Third parties can use the personal data only for actions related to the object of the contract or to provide another services to the collector or data subject.

Disclosure of personal data to third countries and international organizations

Collector is not disclosing processed personal data to third country subjects or international organizations.

Rights of data subject related to personal data processing

Data subject can contact or inform collector, about collecting his or her personal data, on webpage