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Changes in the Business Register

Registration of change in the Business Register is provided by external lawyer’s office. Court fee for registration is included in undermentioned informational prices – the prices are related to limited liability company.

Change of the Business Name

New business name shall not be same or interchangeable with another bussines name which is already registered in the Companies Register. Change of the name shall be notified to the tax office.
88 €with VAT 99 €

Change of the Registered Office

The most frequently used change, which requires not only registration into the Companies Register but also notice to the Trade Licence Office.
88 €with VAT 99 €

Change of the personal data

In case of change of pernament adress or change of surname because of marriage person shall update data registered in Companies Register.
98 €with VAT 111 €

Change of the Executives

Recall or Appointment of the executive with legal effect. Notice to the tax office is also required.
98 €with VAT 111 €

Change in business activities

Enhancement or reduction of the objects of the company in case of unqualified small trades. In case of vocational or regulated small trade pursuant to the special legislation (transport licence, security service) price is setted individually.
118 €with VAT 135 €

Change of the shareholders, transfer of the ownership interest

Execution of the transfer of the ownership interest or part of it between shareholders or to person outside the company.
118 €with VAT 135 €

Increase of Registered Capital

In past there was a trend to reduct the registered capital but nowadays more actual trend (related to new legislation) is increase of the registed capital. Interesting point is 25000,-
118 €with VAT 135 €

Other changes

Issuance of procuracy in the company, change of the means how the statutory body acts in the name of the company, execution of merger or division of the company, change of the form of the company. Price is setted individually upon receiving an order.

Registration of various changes together

When you need to make various changes in your company its better to connect them into one submission. This solution means save in court fees. This relates to changes in limited liability company not to the other changes( merger, division and change of the form of company).
128 €with VAT 147 €

Changing the beneficial user

Update of the beneficial user registration when registering other changes in the company, which result in a change in the company's beneficial user.
25 €s DPH 30 €

Legal Services

Execution of changes in the Companies Register is provided by external Lawyer’s office.
Filling of the deeds concerning legal acts and representation before public authorities, if provided systematiclly and if charged are considered as providing of legal services. According to legislation legal representation shall be provided in full extent by advocate.

The price is determined individually by the client and the lawyer based on an analysis of the client's needs and the actual scope of legal services provided.

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