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Residence in Slovakia - For EU Citizens

trvalý pobyt v Bratislave - SNP
We offer residency in Bratislava Old Town at the unique address – in the legendary Manderlak.

Service includes

  • Mailbox label,
  • Označenie poštovej schránky,
  • Receipt, registration and keeping of letter mails (including registered mails),
  • Notification of delivered mails via email and SMS,
  • On-line overview of delivered mails (even in mobile form),
  • Personal mail withdrawal possible every working day,
  • Mail scanning, forwarding or shredding on demand.

Book Virtual Residence in Bratislava Online

Residence address

Námestie SNP 23
811 01 Bratislava
Verified Provider
We guarantee the stability of our service. Our company is one of the largest providers of virtual residence services in Bratislava and the property in which we provide residence is in our exclusive ownership. We also do have liability insurance.
Representative address
Address in the centre of the Old Town will look really uniquein your ID card. You can use it at your doctor's, in your employment or when ordering any service. If you run a business, you can also have it registered in the trade license or commercial register as your residence address.
Modern service, which saves time
Virtual residence address is a modern service that can save you a lot of time as we also receive your registered mails that you would otherwise have to go for to the post office.
School and healthcare access
There are several excellent schools in the Old Town, which your children can also access if you are a resident of the Old Town. The same applies to medical centres.
Perfect overview of received letter mails
Email and SMS notifications, but most importantly the online information system for tracking received mails will ensure that no letter is ever lost again. The system is also optimised formobile devices.

This address is located at the one of the most famous squares in Bratislava. It was the site of the most important citizens assemblies during the Velvet Revolution in November 1989. It is still one of the most sought-after squares in Bratislava for assembly events. It is located between Hutbanovo námestie and Kamenné námestie in the centre of the Old Town.
The Manderla Commercial and Residential House, popularly called Manderlak, is the first habitable high-rise building in Slovakia, built in 1936. It was designed by architects Christian Ludwig, Emerich Spitzer and Augustín Danielis for the Bratislava businessman and butcher Rudolf Manderla, after whom it is named.

Residence for EU citizens

We also offer residence address for EU citizens. However, the application process for EU citizens is different from that for citizens of the Slovakia. The competent authority for registration of residence of EU citizens is the department of the Foreign Police according to the place of residence.The registration of residence and the processing of the residence permit card are both carried out in one single procedure, so it is necessary for EU citizens to register their residence in person. There are a number of conditions that need to be met in order to apply for residence permit in Slovakia, as an EU citizen, in addition to the proof of residence that we will issue to you.

These conditions are following:

  • sufficient funds for your stay
  • be employed in Slovakia or
  • be self-employed in Slovakia or
  • be student in Slovakia or
  • have opportunity to be employed in Slovakia or
  • be family member of EU citizen who meets abovementioned criteria
In order to file application for residence permit as EU citizen, you need to file it in person at the department of the Foreign Police, but before that you need to book an appointment in advance via the online booking system of this department. We can book you an appointment for an additional fee. Contact us anytime for more information.

Price List - Residence address

Virtual residence address services are divided into 2 packages depending on the extra services included. The price depends on the period for which you wish to subscribe.

Forward payment for the following period:  

Subscription period
2 years
/ monthly
incl. VAT
/ monthly
incl. VAT
ušetríte: 61,20
ušetríte: 72,00
Activation fee for EU residents 96 € incl. VAT one time fee 96 € incl. VAT one time fee
Mailbox label
Receipt and storage of postal mails
On-line recording of received postal mails
E-mail notification of received postal mails
SMS notification of received postal mails -
Postal mail forwarding (within EU) - 1x per month (postal fee is not included)
Postal mails scanning - unlimited
Order Order

Subscription period
1 year
/ monthly
incl. VAT
ušetríte: 54,00
Activation fee for EU residents 96 € incl. VAT one time fee
Mailbox label
Receipt and storage of postal mails
On-line recording of received postal mails
E-mail notification of received postal mails
SMS notification of received postal mails
Postal mail forwarding (within EU) 1x per month (postal fee is not included)
Postal mails scanning unlimited

Additional services – residency for EU citizens in Slovakia

Additional services are provided on request and charged only if they are not included in the active service package.

Mail scanning 2,28 €  incl. VAT
Postal mail forwarding within EU (postal fee is not included) 5,88 €  incl. VAT
Virtual office service for small trade business 10,00 €  incl. VAT / mesiac
Application for date of appointment at the Immigration Office 180 €  incl. VAT

Establishment of residence address in Slovakia for EU citizens - process

  1. Fill in the online form for virtual residence address on our website.
  2. We will verify provided data and process the documents which we will send you for signing.
  3. You sign the documents as instructed and deliver them to us.
  4. Payment of our fee via bank transfer, credit card or by cash.
  5. Within three working days of receipt of signed documents and payment, we will provide you with confirmation of residence grant for Foreign Police in paper form.
  6. You may apply for residence permit at the Foreign Police department.

for virtual residence in Slovakia

If you have any further questions, contact us anytime.
For citizens of which countries do you offer residence address?
We provide residence address only for citizens of Slovakia and citizens of other EU member states (this also includes citizens of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. We do not provide residence for foreign persons who do not hold citizenship of any of the EU Member States.

Is it possible to register only the child for residence address?
It is only possible to register a child with an adult who is his/her legal guardian (parent).

For how long can I oder residence address service?
The shortest period is 6 months, the longest period is not limited.

How do I know if I've received a post?
We will inform you about each received post mail by email or SMS. You can also check all received postal items in the app for post management at any time.

Where do I find Department of Foreigh Police in Bratislava?
Citizens of EU member states (except citizens of Slovakia) can apply for residence permit card at the Department of Foreign Police in Bratislava situated at Regrútska 4, 831 07 Bratislava. The first thing you need to do before going to this department is to book your appointment here through department website: (link:

Where can I personally pick up my postal mail?
Personal pickup of post is possible in our office at Račianska 88 B in Bratislava, every working day from 09:00 to 16:00.

Can I send someone else to pick up my mails?
You can authorise a another person to pick up your mails. You can do this by simply entering this authorisation into our on-line app for post management.

Can I get my own post box, which I will collect myself?
We do not provide a separate mailbox for each client, each mailbox is used for several clients, therefore selecting the contents of the mailbox by each customer separately is not possible.

Do you open and scan every delivered mail?
Opening and scanning of the postal mail is carried out exclusively upon customer's request. In the on-line app for post management, the client can indicate the mail which he wishes to be scanned. Upon receipt of such request, we will open and scan the mail content and upload the scan to the abovementioned application, where the client can download it.

What documents will I need for Department of Foreign Police?
You will need following documents when filing for residence permission:
  • signed application for residence permission of EU citizen
  • employment contract or trade license certificate or extract from business register if you are director of company in Slovakia or declaration on honour that the applicant is constantly looking for work in Slovakia
  • document certifying that you have sufficient amount of money to live in Slovakia (either shown by cash or by extract from bank account)
  • confirmation of residence grant (provided by our company in paper form)
  • valid passport or ID card
  • 2 copies of actual photography with 3 x 3,5 cm dimensions
  • european health insurance card or health insurance certificate

Is grant of resident parking card for parking in Old Town part of this service?
No, it is not possible to obtain a resident parking card for the permanent residence we provide. A maximum of 3 resident parking cards can be issued per apartment, which does not allow for a resident parking card to be issued to every person to whom we provide a permanent residence.

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