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Trademark registration

Trademark registration
In cooperation with a law firm, we offer you services in the field of trademark registration under advantageous conditions. If you are trying to build a stable business with a good future, proper protection of the brand under which you sell your products or services is a must.

  • Trademark SR
  • Trademark EÚ
  • International trademark
  • Trademark consultation
  • Registration with a law firm
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Advantages of trademark registration

1. Stabilizing your brand.

In the registration process, we will find out whether the brand you are using conflicts with other already registered designations and we will propose measures to avoid litigation with competitors. After completing the registration, you will gain legal certainty that you will not invest funds in marketing a brand that you will not be able to use in the end. A registered trademark becomes your intangible asset.

2. Protecting your business.

You will gain legal certainty that in the event that competition begins to interfere with your trademark rights, you will have more effective legal tools at your disposal to protect you. A registered trademark takes precedence over a registered domain or business name.

3. A hallmark of your company's seriousness.

It is almost a rule that unknown companies, which are set up to disappear in a year with debts, never invest in trademark registration. Not because of the financial demands, but especially because of the time required for its registration, "one-off" companies do not seek to protect their brand in this way. Trademark registration can bring your business an increase in seriousness in the eyes of your customers, clients or business partners.

In terms of the territorial scope of protection, we offer you three types of trademark registration:

Trademark SR

Necessary prerequisite for stable building of a successful brand.

from 250 €including fees

Trademark EÚ

The most advantageous solution if you plan to use your brand abroad. For a relatively small fee, you get brand protection over a large area.

from 1100 €including fees

International trademark

It enables relatively easy registration in up to more than 120 countries around the world. The solution is suitable if you have a unique brand that you plan to operate in countries outside the European Union.
from 280 €does not include fees

The process of trademark registration:

  1. Order , communication of your requirements and agreement on how to implement them.
  2. Provide data on the mark and consultation.
  3. Preparation and filing of an application for a trademark.
  4. Trademark registration proceedings.
  5. Trademark registration , delivery of a trademark registration certificate.
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