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Ready-made companies

We’re pleased to offer quality, ready-made limited liability companies registered in Slovakia for sale, provided with a contractual guarantee that:
  • they were established exclusively for subsequent sale,
  • they have never conducted any business activities and do not have any liabilities,
  • share capital has been paid up in full,
  • they have allocated tax ID numbers and are ready to start doing business immediately.

Purchasing a ready-made limited liability company gives you an immediate time savings of at least 7 days compared to establishing a new company. The savings are even greater for foreign owners.

Price: €490
includes court fees and making any changes to the company itself (business name, registered office, lines of business and to the executive and partner). There is no increase for VAT.

Currently Available

Name ID Date of incorporation
Datalist s.r.o.51 716 9687.6.2018 Reserve
Crypton s.r.o.51 716 82826.5.2018 Reserve
Upcoming s.r.o.51 718 05725.5.2018 Reserve
Download s.r.o.51 717 23925.5.2018 Reserve
Gradient s.r.o.51 717 09323.5.2018 Reserve
Whitesnake s.r.o.51 716 75522.5.2018 Reserve
Registrar s.r.o.51 716 84416.5.2018 Reserve
Jackie s.r.o.51 716 71216.5.2018 Reserve
Licence s.r.o.51 707 83711.5.2018 Reserve
Anulu s.r.o.51 687 3993.5.2018 Reserve
Fiha s.r.o.51 688 3791.5.2018 Reserve
Quinto s.r.o.51 688 2801.5.2018 Reserve
Xml s.r.o.51 688 4681.5.2018 Reserve
Papka s.r.o.51 688 02628.4.2018 Reserve
Ubolt s.r.o.51 440 86528.4.2018 Reserve
Result s.r.o.51 440 73326.4.2018 Reserve
Slideshow s.r.o.51 440 59812.4.2018 Reserve
Pound s.r.o.51 442 38811.4.2018 Reserve
Indu s.r.o.51 440 67929.3.2018 Reserve
Nette s.r.o.51 440 92023.3.2018 Reserve
Script s.r.o.51 443 01512.4.2018 Reserve
Ernste s.r.o.51 441 18723.3.2018 Reserve
Arzt s.r.o.51 441 5948.3.2018 Reserve
S7 s.r.o.51 283 34427.2.2018 Reserve
Kaira s.r.o.51 250 5278.12.2017 Reserve
Yacht s.r.o.51 108 37215.9.2017 Reserve
Darkcastle s.r.o.50 991 27215.7.2017 Reserve

Ready-made companies are not registered as VAT payers.

Sales process

Documentation will be prepared to your specifications within two hours of a confirmed order. You’ll then sign the documentation at a face-to-face meeting and will be named company executive effectively immediately (enabling you to take immediate action on behalf of the company). A petition will then be drafted and filed to change the company’s details in the Commercial Register. Changes are recorded in the Commercial Register within 8 working days, which officially culminates the process of transferring the company to you.

The transfer of a ready-made company can also be completed remotely, without the need for you to visit our office in Bratislava in person. In this case, please note that the sale of a ready-made company will be protracted by an additional four working days on average.

Adding lines of business

Our ready-made companies have the most common lines of business already registered and provide a truly broad spectrum of business activities. However, if you find you need a different line of business, we’ll ensure any freely available line of business you need is added at no charge.

Share capital

All our ready-made companies have registered share capital of €5,000, which has been paid up in full. No payment of the share capital by the future owner is required when purchasing a company.

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